January 4, 2015

So it turns out I never fell asleep last night and only slept for 45 minutes on the plane to Miami this morning. Drop off went pretty well. I didn’t cry but mom did. Her and dad watching me until I was through security. As much as I fight them for independence, I’m going to miss them a lot. The plane took off at 6am so we got to see the sunrise at 7am. It felt weird to be on a plane again, since I haven’t been on one in four years. During takeoff and landing I had my eyes closed, white knuckling the arm rests and thinking “Oh god, I’m turning into my mother”. The majority of the flight was over open ocean but the clouds were incredible. Although the view was breathtaking, I miss Marblehead. Im very anxious to meet everyone and show them pictures of my hometown.

Touching down in Miami was incredible. It was 80 degrees and sunny! 15,000 feet in the air and all I could see was blue water and palm trees. The only thing separating me from the start of my adventure is the 2 hour flight I just boarded to San Jose. My nerves have definitely settled down now that I am so close. And I’m not gonna lie, I felt pretty cool walking through the airport pretending that I knew what I was doing. (Key work “pretending”) Well, I’m about to take off! Wish me luck!

As we were descending into Costa Rica there were these insane clouds that were absolutely beautiful! We drove from the airport in San Jose to Cartago. I felt like I was in a Mario Cart video game. People were running across the street and swerving around passing cars, all while going at an extremely quick speed. One of the first things I noticed was all the color. Turquiose, red, orange, yellow, blue. And there was grafiti everywhere! It seemed as though most of the stores were closed but I assume because it was Sunday. Kids were running around in bare feet kicking a beat up soccer ball, and looking so happy doing just that. It really put things in perspective and makes you appreciate everything at home. I’m going to be honest, I am already very homesick. I don’t want to tell me parents and worry them but it is very scary being so far away. Hopefully this is something I can adjust to within the next few days. It’s only the first night and I need to be open minded Although I am teary tonight I am hopeful things will turn around very quickly for the better…


I talked to my mom tonight which felt good. Even with our fair share of fights, she is who I am missing the most right now. I sat and read alone in the living room and took a shower which made me feel better. We don’t start our volunteer work tomorrow so in the morning we are touring the city of Cartago. I can’t wait to take a bunch of pictures! Well, I should probably get some sleep considering I’ve been awake for 48 hours…Goodnight!

IMG_0749    IMG_0770



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