January 21, 2015

We had school at the orphanage again today and it went really well. We had an older group of kids today and it amazed me how smart they are. They were all so excited to be learning new things.

This afternoon we went on a tour around Costa Rica. We started by stopping at this lookout point looking over this valley and I took so many beautiful pictures. I am so grateful to be experiencing these things. We made a few other stops this afternoon. We saw a man made damn that flows into a lake which produces 80% of the energy in the entire country of Costa Rica. We also stopped at this super cute wooden cabin that sold these incredible craved wooden sculptures made from coffee wood. We then went to a park that held “Las Ruinas de Vjarras” that were built in the 1500s! Our last stop was a hanging bridge that crossed a river connecting two valleys. We walked across it to the cutest little town. It’s so funny that seeing cows and horses walking down the street has become so normal. Earlier today I saw someone washing their horse on the sidewalk like someone would wash their car back home! A little ways into the town we stopped at a church that was hundreds of years old. There was a funeral going on so we couldn’t go inside but we went next door and saw the original alter, priests robes and statutes from when the church was first open. We all came back to the home base exhausted from a long day so I’m going to sleep! Buenos noches!

IMG_2315    IMG_2316

IMG_2317         IMG_2331

IMG_2334      IMG_2341

IMG_2344      IMG_2348



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