January 22, 2015

Today at the orphanage, I brought my phone to take pictures and the kids loved posing for the photos! These moments captured are memories I could never possibly forget.

It was our last night with Molly because she leaves on Saturday. Some of the girls and I went out to dinner at this Italian restaurant in our neighborhood which was so delicious. When we got back to the home base we all got into our pajamas and played Apples to Apples. It’s sad to see Molly leave because she has been such a nice friend to me. I’m going to have to volunteer by myself since she won’t be here. That should be interesting…

IMG_2422    IMG_2431

IMG_2440    IMG_2450

IMG_2474    IMG_2494

IMG_2501    IMG_2517

IMG_2524     IMG_2533


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