January 27, 2015

Not much happened yesterday which is why I didn’t write an entry. After volunteering we walked around Cartago for a little in the afternoon and then had Spanish class at night.

Today at Pueblito the younger kids had school for a few hours in the morning. We did some worksheets on counting and writing numbers. When it was snack time the kids were handed two big round wafer crackers. One of the little girls, Fatima, broke one of her crackers in half and tried to had me one of the halves. For obvious reasons, I declined, but that small gesture left me speechless. Even though they are given so little, she was trying to make someone else happy. That moment will stick with me in the back of my mind for a long time.

We had our last dance and spanish class today. I am definitely going to miss the dance classes but it was really cool to learn some of the different kinds of Latin dancing and to see how much I progressed over the course of the month.

Everyone is sitting in the living room writing in their journals too. I’m going to miss them all so much. I have been missing my family a lot these past two days and I’m really excited to see them at the end of the week but leaving here is going to be very difficult. That’s all for today…Buenos noches!

IMG_2822    Screen shot 2015-02-07 at 9.39.01 PM


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