January 28, 2015

I feel like this week has slipped away from me so quickly. Today at Pueblito we had class with the older kids. They made these signs with their names on them that they could decorate with colored paper. Walking out of the classroom they looked so happy to take something back to their houses that they made with their name on it. It was interesting to see how each child decorated their sign. Some of the kids put the pieces of paper in piles sorted by color while other kids just used the pieces randomly.

Tonight me Ansley and Jessica (my other roommates), were hanging out in our room just cracking up about everything. I Skyped with Kaelyn and my mom tonight which made me a lot more homesick than I already was. Although I am not looking forward to going back to the snow there are a lot of things I miss back home. My bed, showers with high water pressure, singing around the house, and being able to flush toilet paper down the toilet. (Oh the luxuries of living in America)

Tonight Lindsay, Riordan, Jenna, Russell and Colin were hanging out in the living room laughing and talking and just enjoying each others company. Leaving them all when I go home is going to be really tough. Well, I’m off to bed! Ciao!

IMG_2912    IMG_2921

IMG_2923    IMG_2925

IMG_2926    IMG_2930

IMG_2934    IMG_2946



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