January 31, 2015

It’s 8:30am right now and we are leaving for the airport in a bit. Since I am about to leave I had to mark my painted handprint on the wall. I choose to write the saying “trust the journey” next to mine because that has been something I have kept with me since my first day here. Last night we all stayed up super late just talking and enjoying each others company. We talked about me going to visit them at college and I really hope I get the opportunity to see them all again. I’ll write again once I’m at the airport…not looking forward to all these goodbyes…

I’m writing from the San Jose airport. My friends had an earlier flight so I waited at their terminal until they all got on the plane. Leaving them was such a difficult goodbye for me. I am going to miss them all so much. I am also pretty anxious about my flights. I think it’s just the anticipation that is making me nervous but all of these different feelings are making me feel really emotional this afternoon. Well, I’m about to board the plane, more later…

I did it! Well…almost. We just took off from Miami and flying over the city was so cool! Everything was lit up and sitting in the window seat I got to see it all. But the important thing is in 3 hours I will be back home in Boston! Yay!!

This trip was beyond anything I would have ever dreamed it would be. Although I am really excited to see my family tonight, I can’t help but wish I was still with all of my friends at our home in Cartago. I could not have asked for anything more from this experience and I can’t wait to see where my next journey will take me! Pura Vida!

IMG_3166    IMG_3170    IMG_3171



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