January 8, 2015

Today we went back to Pueblito to play with the kids. After stopping by a few of the houses we were walking across the courtyard and one of the 16 year old girls, Paula, called us over and told us to go to “casa de seis”. (House 6) We hadn’t had much luck during the first hour of the morning getting the kids in the other houses to interact with us so we were relieved that these kids were so excited to see us. We stayed there the rest of the morning painting and talking to the kids. Paula and I got along really well because we are so close in age and found out we like a lot of the same things. Seeing how much my Spanish speaking has progressed is really cool and it feels good to be able to communicate with the natives.

This afternoon Helen, Victoria, Nicole and I walked into the city to check out the farmer’s market. On the way there we stopped at a “Juice Bar” where we watched the women squeeze all the fruit fresh to make smoothies. On the way back we stopped at this place for lunch that sold pizza in the shape of a cone. Tonight we prepared our own dinner which was really fun. We made chicken and rice (arroz con pollo), guacamole, and salsa (gallo pinto). Everything was so delicious! I showered early tonight and I’m going to fall asleep early tonight. Hasta manana! (See you tomorrow)

IMG_0926    IMG_0927

IMG_0932    IMG_0935



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